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When the furniture is an art


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About us

"You can take away a whole world, but leave me Italy."

Giuseppe Verdi


Italians can be proud of their furniture traditions. We live in the north of Italy among of the famous furniture factories. Nobody can ever persuade us that someone in the world can create objects more refined, and unsurpassed in quality. The main idea of our company is to help you to sort out the variety of selection. More than 15 years we have been working closely with the factories- manufacturers and we are able to offer furniture and light of any level and stylistic direction. At the same time we guarantee the reliability of suppliers. During our work we have been firmly established in the Russian market. And in 2009 the Creativa srl company was created by us. Our regular customers, many of whom have decided to buy property abroad, pushed us to make this decision. Thus we made our first objects in Italy, France, Spain and the UAE. Now we are ready to give a clear scheme of furniture deliveries directly from the factory of the manufacturer to anywhere in Europe.


Castle Thalheim