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When the furniture is an art


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 "The main thing is to give all the forces to the chosen work, and a rumor about you will go.

Because the perfection is a rarity."

Andre Moore


We see no sense to spread the "pictures" of furniture and light. Just type in any search engine the words "Italian furniture" and millions of photos will leap out.

 Information about the selected object and its accordance to your wishes, such as price, decoration, editing is much more valuable, and that's not all.

 It is no secret that today, in times of crisis in Italy, many family and larger businesses are forced to close due to high taxes and low domestic demand.

 It is important to choose reliable partners, people who can accurately ensure the quality of furniture and reliability of the supplier.

 We can. Please contact us, express your wishes, and we will make for you a list of factories that you should pay attention to, in your particular case, absolutely for free.

 We are ready to offer:

  • Furniture atelier
  • Residential furniture
  • Soft furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Doors
  • Lighting Objects
  • Accessories
  • Carpets
  • Fabrics and curtains
  • Tile and plumbing of Lux class