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When the furniture is an art


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Choice of style

You can select one of them. You can consult with a specialist. Or on the basis of description and reading of additional literature you can choose something like a mixture of styles, create your own individual style in the interior.


Styles and Trends

Art Deco

Art Deco (1920-1940) - the direction in architecture and home furniture, popular in the 20s, 30s of the 20th century. Art Deco is characterized by emphasized geometric, rounded, "flowing" facades, wooden furniture with chrome handles and other details, glass table tops. It is bright, brave, sometimes audacious, original selected color combinations. Design of interior, made in the Art Deco style - is grouped with separately taken stylish things: furniture, ceramic, textile, wood or bronze product.


Elements of classics

Classic style in the design of the house is always popular, because it has been tested by a variety of fashion trends and generations. It is no coincidence that prestigious organizations mostly use classics in interior design, thereby emulating the established tradition and emphasizing the fortress of solid business.


Color in the interior

"Color can soothe and excite, create harmony and cause shock. From it you can expect miracles, but it can also cause a catastrophe. "   Jacques Vienot

Ideas in the interior

"By listening to an inner voice, the person adopts the right decisions, brings the most creative ideas and looks deeper at things, by finding the shortest path from the realization of his desire to implementation it."

John Kehoe



Magic of light

Light in the interior plays an important role, because the lighting of apartment greatly affects the formation of mood. The same room can look festive and bright or have a romantic color - mood changes instantly, you should just change the light exposure.


In the Loft-style

Loft - one of the most paradoxical styles, that combines bohemian and underground. The interiors in the loft-style embody the conceptual approach to the space, which arose at the junction of poverty and luxury. They demonstrate how unfit for living, industrial objects are transformed under the influence of art, turning into luxury and epatage apartments.


Modern style in the interior

Based on the name, "modern" - means "present", the interior of the "here and now". But in a broad sense, modern style - is, above all, the exact opposite of the traditional style. Straight lines, clear shapes, a minimum of accessories and decor, created contrary to traditional ideas about comfort.



Nature - the most powerful force and source of inspiration. No wonder the "organic" motifs in the decor are considered as the most relevant design trends. The spacious, bright spaces, an abundance of natural light, the predominance of green, olive, gray, beige tones with black and white accents - these are the main characteristics of the organic style.


Male interior

Male interior - this is organized, thoughtful and free space. Design of male interior is laconic, but here are all the things and objects a man needs, and the use of the space is as comfortable as possible.


Female style

"Feminity - the harmony, naturalness and sensuality."

Monica Bellucci



Neutral shades in the interior

The neutral color palette creates a comfort atmosphere of hospitality and calmness in your home, it allows you to always feel at ease. Despite the fact that many people may consider neutral colors dull and too soft, there are many ways to create contrast, the visual interest to these muted colors.