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“The main thing is to dedicate all your strength to the chosen business, and a rumor will spread.”

Andre Maurois

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We have been working closely with manufacturing factories for over 20 years now, and can offer furniture and light of any level and stylistic direction.

Every year we attend exhibitions, we constantly follow new trends and assortment, we have many years of experience in supply and logistics.

Before shipment, each order undergoes personal control at the warehouse by us or the customer’s representative in our presence.

At the same time, we guarantee the reliability of suppliers. And this is not unfounded, because we have personally visited almost every factory that we offer, and we’ve done it more than once.


Now we are ready to provide a clear scheme for the supply of furniture directly from a manufacturing factory to anywhere of the world!


During the years, we have firmly strengthened our position in the Russian market. And in 2009, our Italian company Creativa srl was created.

Initially, we were pushed by our regular customers who decided to purchase real estate abroad. That’s how our first projects were created in Italy, France, Spain, the UAE and America.

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