“Home comfort is one of the treasures of the world”

Theodor Dreiser

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Properly selected curtains make any house look complete and comfortable, helping transform the space and place accents.

It is necessary to take into account the proportions of the room, the interior style, the desired level of light protection, the type of fabric, decoration and furniture color.

The texture and pattern on the curtains should overlap with other details: pillows, bedspreads, tablecloths, etc.


In a classic interior, a complete image can only be created with a high-quality decor that will not break, fade and or fluff over the time. Brushes, decorative braids or fringe could be used.

In a modern interior, the presence of decor is not necessary, but the structure and composition of the fabric and the correct type of fastening are crucially important.

Since the textile always visually attracts the eye, it certainly has a psychological effect on the owners, so it is very important for you to like it!

We offer a wide selection of fabrics, accessories and components for the implementation of the most daring designs. We guarantee that our tailoring experts will help make the way from an idea to implementation as clear and comfortable as possible.


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