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Only the person, who has already gone through the process of purchasing, designing and repairing his foreign real estate, asks about the assembling first.

You can know how many pitfalls are hidden under such seemingly pleasant activities based on your own experience only.

We always include delivery in our offer, excluding assembling costs. And further actions are always coordinated individually with each customer.


We found several options which perfectly work for us.

In case of large individual carpentry projects, with an approval from a customer, we can provide an estimate from the manufacturer for the assembling work to be done by the factory team. Typically, this estimate includes the cost of living, maintenance and payment of working hours, in a predetermined amount.

In some cases, alternatively, and only in countries where it is permitted by law, we provide the services of our team of Russian specialists. These people go hand in hand with us for many years, for whose competence we can vouch. The procedure is similar, only the expenditure part is usually reduced by a decent amount.

We can also provide an independent team of Italian workers. We usually reserve time with them in advance by ourselves, knowing the exact time of arrival of the cargo. Naturally, expenses are also covered by a customer.

During our work abroad, we found a sufficient number of contacts in different countries. Someone was advised to us by architects, designers and builders, someone we hired from the outside. We made mistakes, but now we can advise truly worthy specialists.

Nowadays, you never know if tomorrow we will all be able to freely cross borders, and we are not used to leaving our clients alone with the task.

Together we will always find the right solution.

Also, we would like to note that we always ask our customers to comply with the requirements regarding the readiness of the premises for delivery and the beginning of assembling work. And we ask to warn us in advance if anything is not ready. We will always find the opportunity to hold the cargo in the warehouse, thereby protecting you and ourselves from any problems with the long-awaited cargo!


We will be happy to answer any of your questions

Contact us, and we will provide you with a list of factories, which you should pay attention to, and all necessary information about them absolutely for free.

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