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“My kingdom is not what I have, but what I create.”

Thomas Carlyle

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Once we were lucky to participate in the interior design of the major castle in Lower Austria.

The client and the architect have chosen a whole list of classic furniture items. It would seem that we needed to rejoice, a good order was planned! And everything would be simple and understandable if only the factory, from the catalog of which 90% of the items were selected, did not produce only unprocessed wooden frames and nothing more.


Taking into account the tender, our prices should have been more than competitive and quality - outstanding. Difficult, but eventually we found a solution.


We consulted with different manufacturers, fully emerged into the received materials, filling materials, received the last material collections from the suppliers, and we united several outstanding Italian artisans under our brand name.

That’s how the Creativa furniture line was launched, a brand, where we, personally, are responsible for the quality of each item!

Now it is already a demanded product among our customers, perfectly suitable for both private and public interiors.

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