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Italian furniture - a view from the inside.

The idea of traveling to Italy to buy furniture is not new. It could seem like there is nothing difficult to find factory contact information, give them a call, ask for a meeting and visit hospitable Italy to equip a new apartment or house with furniture of factory prices.


In fact, the situation is not quite or even not at all as cheerful as it seems at first glance.


First of all, there is no one waiting for you at the factory. Each manufacturer has its own dealers, a circle of salons and design studios with which they have been collaborating for several years, they are confident in their solvency, and they are used to receiving the requests from them with clearly explained decorations and order nuances. To do this, they provide their partners with materials, make mailings on collections, and conduct training. Private customer is always a headache.

Secondly, the lion's share of managers and technicians in factories, especially family ones, do not speak either Russian or English. But in each particular project there is a huge number of nuances (kitchens, doors, wall panels, ceilings, any non-standard project). And not always these nuances lie on the surface, but only emerge at the time of assembly.

And that’s the moment where the most interesting part begins. The responsibility of the factory ends as soon as the order leaves the walls of their warehouse.

They don’t care about anything you missed due to your unprofessionalism in this field, or anything you did not agree on or sign. And who said that prices would be very profitable? They are absolutely not obliged to give you equal conditions with their dealers, thereby undermining the market. Try transport, delivery and third-party installation, the risks of complaints, and as a result - “a miser pays twice”.

But initially, the idea of selecting several reliable factories, visiting them and making the right choice on the spot, spending much less time, having the latest materials, factory manager and technician with you, was wonderful.


Our team has been specializing in turn-key interior design for many years.


Kitchens, doors, residential furniture, lighting, textiles, stone and much more are in the area of our professional interest. Our main task is to be your guide in a dialogue with the manufacturer, to defend your interests and to receive the most favorable price offers.

Focusing on the Italian furniture market, knowing the specifics and language, living in Italy and working for more than 20 years in Russia and more than 10 years in Europe, we help to identify manufacturers that are required to be visited in your particular case, based on the project, budget, time. At the request of the Customer, we provide full support for the order (transport, delivery, installation) or recommend trusted experts anywhere in Europe, Russia, the USA, the UAE.

We do not promise you, so to speak, “free cheese”, as experience reliably confirms where such cheese can be found.

However, the service that we have been working on for years, our knowledge and many personal contacts in this area help our Customers obtain an original high-quality product in optimal terms and at reasonable prices, protecting them from possible fraud, incompetence and misunderstandings!


We will be happy to answer any of your questions

Contact us, and we will provide you with a list of factories, which you should pay attention to, and all necessary information about them absolutely for free.

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