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Delivery is an important part of the purchase, which significantly affects the decision of the buyer.

Therefore, we would like to pay special attention to the issue of logistics in order to make this moment as transparent as possible for our customers.

There are several features that affect the formation of the shipment type, depending on the size and the final destination of the cargo.


Delivery by road transport

First and foremost, the carrier must be reliable and specialized.

This is the main delivery method for the EU, UK and Switzerland.

We have been entrusting this important moment to www.gugel.it for many years, because they specialize exclusively in the delivery of furniture and lighting. This means that your crystal chandelier will definitely avoid encountering a cast-iron battery and will greatly minimize the risk of damage to your long-awaited cargo.

The company provides full insurance and an additional packaging service.


To deliver cargos to Russia and the CIS countries, we use www.avtoinvest.ru services.

We have been cooperating with them for so many years that the very understanding of the safety of transportation to Russia has greatly changed for the better during this time. However, they are still one of the best in terms of service quality, security and speed.

Sea shipping

In case of delivery to the USA or the UAE, our main partner is www.tramo.it.

The company also carries out the formation of containers on the principle of cargo separation, the service of additional packaging of goods in wooden boxes, customs clearance services.

Companies specializing in sea shipping include basic insurance in their service. At the request of the customer, we recommend related insurance companies for full cargo insurance.


Delivery by air transport

They are used extremely rarely, due to the high cost. But for especially impatient customers, we also recommend the carrier based on the destination. Costs and terms in this case are calculated individually. At the request of the customer, we initially include delivery in the price or provide the details in a separate column.

An additional mandatory cost for residents of non-EU countries is the payment of value added tax (VAT) established by the legislation of the country of destination, and it is paid by the customer at the time the cargo crosses the state border.


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