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“Plans are wise people’s dreams.”

Ernst Feuchtersleben

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Formation of the first vision, coordination of the list of suppliers.

Selection of assortment

There are several possibilities here.

We meet at one of our offices. For now there are offices in Italy, Austria, Moscow and Sochi.

We work remotely as much as possible. Recently, such a practice has been relevant, commonly used and really productive. Initially, you can select from electronic catalogs. Then we will have a conference call. Together with the factory technicians, we approve the assortment, ask questions, look through the options and performance samples.


We come to you with a full set of pre-selected materials: catalogs, fabrics, decoration samples. It is almost always necessary to be physically present there to create the most organic interior. We are pretty flexible in this regard.

We pre-select several suppliers to visit. Then we conduct a factory tour (you can find more information here), where you can see the assortment with your own eyes, make sure of quality, touch, sit and work through all the questions directly with specialists.

Or maybe you already know exactly what you need and in that case we only help you get the most favorable purchase conditions and carry out the order maintenance.


Order placement

This step includes creation of detailed estimates with drawings, sketches, photos, collages and decoration samples. If needed, we involve 3D specialists to the process.

Order maintenance

Measurement of premises

Placing an order in factories



Warranty support


All these points are strictly individual, depend on the country and are discussed separately.

Our experience in the field of interior design and close cooperation with teams of manufacturers' specialists allow us to work one-on-one with customers, or sometimes clients come with their adjacent specialists!

After all, no advertisement can guarantee a reliable and honest partner, but several collaboration projects can!


However, if necessary, we will be happy to introduce you to sensible designers, architects, decorators, artists or builders who we were once lucky to meet with and establish long-term creative and professional relationships.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions

Contact us, and we will provide you with a list of factories, which you should pay attention to, and all necessary information about them absolutely for free.

Thanks! We will contact you.
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