Creativa Design

Italians can be rightfully proud of their furniture traditions. We live and work in northern Italy in the heart of well-known furniture factories.

No one will ever convince us that someone else in the world can create objects more exquisite and with such an unmatched quality.


And if we hear any objections from the skeptics, we hurry to contradict. Believe us, that’s true, you just need to contact the right person to implement your ideas!

The main idea of our company is to help customers navigate the variety of assortment and offers.

Perhaps, a comparison with a tailor would be a good one here. We help create the “perfect dress”: taking into account your individuality (location and design features of your home project), based on your favorite model (your vision, ideas and dreams), selecting exquisite and reliable materials for an adequate budget.

We sew, iron, deliver on time, so that you just have to put it on and shine in all its splendor.


After all, our home is the place where we start a new day, find inspiration, set ourselves up for productive work, raise our children, communicate with our beloved ones and feel protected.

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